Service, Installation, and  maintenance policies

Our responsibility at is to provide you with a telephone system that meets your business needs as effectively and efficiently as possible. We offer the highest quality business communications equipment available therefore performance problems are rare. Our desire as your communications vendor is to eliminate any concern that you might have over the servicing and maintenance of that equipment. Therefore, the following policies and their benefits to you are a guaranteed service to our customers:

All parts and labor have a twelve-month or twenty-four month warranty from the date of installation determined by the product purchased. You have no maintenance expense for this warranty period.

After the warranty expires, two forms of service/maintenance options are available--you choose the one which best suits your business.

Option #1:

One-year maintenance contract that will be negotiated according to type and age of your existing telephone equipment. This contract is guaranteed renewable for three years and covers both parts and labor. Customers' services under the maintenance contract have no labor or equipment charge.

Option #2:

Time and Materials Plan. This service procedure allows you to pay for a service problem only if and when it occurs. Cost is determined by our labor rate of $65.00 per hour, with a minimum of 1-hour labor charge, for any customer within the 30-mile radius from our office.

For customers outside of our 30-mile radius a one way travel charge will also be incurred at $65.00 per hour with a 30 minute minimum.

We offer seven-day-a-week, 24 hour servicing on major equipment problems. As our customer you are provided with around-the-clock available service, with the response time not to exceed two hours from the time of the trouble report.



Minor equipment malfunctions are serviced as soon as possible during normal working hours, with the response time not to exceed one working day from the time of the trouble report.

Terill Communications maintains a substantial inventory of spare parts and components, thus practically eliminates extended equipment "down" time due to unavailable parts.



Preventative maintenance inspections and routine equipment tests are performed as recommended by the manufacturer, thus correcting potential equipment malfunctions before they occur.

In order that the installation of your new telephone system might proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible-with as little inconvenience to you as possible-TERILL COMMUNICATIONS offers the following policies for business telephone system installations:



No business interruptions during the cut-over period. We understand the importance of your telephone system to the smooth functioning of your business. Therefore: We schedule the cut-over of a new system around your schedule - not ours. Your daily routine will not be disrupted during the cabling and wiring of a new system.



Complete systems check before installation, during the cut, and after the cut. We will not put in a communications system that is not ready to perform at optimum efficiency



Most cut-overs are sheduled on a friday evening or saturday to allow for the correction of unforseen problems. We consider it our responsibility to have your telephone system ready and waiting for you not vice-versa.



Major equipment adjustments will not take place during peak telephone usage hours.



Special employee training will be provided by our  personnel to ensure that you get  The full benefit of your new system. Installation personnel will be available on-site at the start of the first business day after cut-over to insure the proper operation of your custom-designed communications system. You and your employees will not need to struggle through technical equipment manuals in order to begin using your new system as familiarly as possible.